Keto at Bonefish Grill for Low Carb Diets







Keto at Bonefish Grill for Low Carb Diets


Most Bonefish Grill restaurants are only open at dinner time. However, some locations have started to experiment with brunch on weekends.


Some locations are also starting to serve lunch. You will have to call your local restaurant to find out where they stand.


Staying keto friendly in the ocean is pretty simple. And like almost all low carb seafood restaurants, they also offer meats and steaks. There’s always someone in the group who doesn’t go for fish, and who may not care to stay Keto at Bonefish Grill for a Low Carb Diet.


Bonefish Grill restaurants Low Carb Menu offers gluten free, Spanish and braille menus and they can aid in allergy concerns.

Their menu is geared toward wood-grilled fish. They have a rotating menu with seasonal specials.

Bonefish Grill restaurants get their seafood from a company called  Aquaculture. That company claims that they farm their fish in a natural environment.

Big Keto Dieter Warning:

Ask for all dishes to be prepared using stand alone spices like salt, pepper, basil, oil, cilantro, garlic, etc.  Do not let them use the pre mixed sauces or seasoning blends that they normally use. They have sugar and other things we don’t need.

Top Bonefish Grill Dish for Low Carb Dieters

Georges bank scallops seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and oil. Add crispy brussels sprouts with ham on the side.


Keto Friendly Meats at Bonefish Grill

Atlantic salmon

Ahi tuna steak

Chilean sea bass

Caribbean cobia


Georges bank scallops

Grilled shrimp

Rainbow trout

Grilled cod

Wood grilled shrimp skewer

Cold water lobster tail

Wagyu beef hamburger patty

Steak all cuts

Keto Compatible Vegetables at Bonefish Grill

Crispy brussels sprouts with

ham (no sauce)



Steamed asparagus



Bonefish Grill Sauces for Low Carb Dieters


Chimichurri sauce

Lime tomato garlic

Lemon wedges

Lemon butter


Beverages at Bonefish Grill to Stay in Ketosis



Unsweet tea


Keto at Bonefish Grill is easy when you know what to leave out!  Take this guide with you next time. Keto On!


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