Keto and Thirst, Bad Combination

The keto diet helps you lose and then maintain healthy weight and blood levels. But there is a problem that crops sometimes. It is called Keto flu.  It isn’t a real flu or sickness, it’s just describes how you might feel as you start losing pounds and inches.

You don’t have to go through it. Sticking with your Keto plan is challenging enough without adding unnecessary mental blocks.

There are several causes of this. All of them are preventable.  One of the causes is from the toxins that are released into the blood as you lose weight.

All that naughty food you ate to gain the weight leaves behind a little present….cellular waste material.  It can make you feel lousy when you are losing weight.

Some people even get a headache after missing only a single meal.

Stay hydrated. That will allow your body to wash away the toxins as they are produced. Here are some helpful tips on how to do that.

Think water, not snacks. When you get an urge to eat, first try drinking at least 8 oz of water. See what happens to your cravings. Many times hunger is not real, but the body sending signals for help, but the brain misinterprets the signal.  Try sending water instead of food and see what happens.

Keep drinking all day. Instead of trying to drink a half gallon all at once, drink at least 8 oz every hour. You are not a camel that can store water. Your body uses the water all day long.

Try sweetening the water with a little stevia to see if it helps you drink it. Stevia adds a little sweetness with no calories. You can also make non caffeinated tea, or even broth. All the liquid adds up to your daily goal.

Lower the caffeine. You don’t have to give it up, just don’t have it all day. A cup of coffee or tea in the morning is fine.  Lower or eliminate alcohol  intake if you want to stay hydrated. Both caffeine and alcohol  will dehydrate you.

The other big problem with alcohol is that it will knock you out of ketosis pretty much instantly. The alcohol turns straight into sugar in the blood.

Use high PH spring water. You will find it much easier to stomach and drink. High ph means alkaline. Look on the label. If it’s not on the label, then call the company. The number is usually right on the bottle.  The ph should be at or above 7.

I highly recommend sprinkling a teeny, and I mean teeny,  bit of pink salt into your water. Don’t over do it. Just a few grains. It will turn your water into an electrolyte drink.

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Act! Don’t React!

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