The keto diet can be extremely beneficial, but requires strict planning and making numerous sacrifices when it comes to traditional comfort foods like French fries, mashed potatoes, chocolate, ice cream, chips, and other carbs.

The vast majority of people who try keto don’t stick with it in the long term because they often lack the willpower to resist temptation.

But it is possible to not give in to your cravings.

Don’t Buy Simple Access Carbs

This article could have been called “learn to meal prep,” but the simpler solution is to not buy simple access carbs. Simple access carbs are those simple to eat cheat foods that are easy to binge and will tempt you from the pantry. For example, don’t buy chips if you know you will be unable to resist eating them. Don’t buy them even if you think you can resist. Having these simple access carbs will only make your life difficult and ruin ketosis. 

Stop Calling It a “Cheat”

A major problem for many individuals is that they associate certain foods with “cheating” or “being bad,” and that often makes them want the food more. How many people, when told not to do something, immediately possessed a strong desire to go do the banned behavior? For example, if someone told you not to touch a button, don’t you then have an urge to press it?

The forbidden fruit is often the sweetest.

To help yourself resist the temptation of carbs, stop labeling them cheats in your head. Instead of calling food good or bad, focus on viewing them objectively. Sure, a cookie might taste good, but is it as beneficial as being healthy or losing weight in the long run? No? Then don’t eat it. 

Schedule Cravings into Your Diet

If you know you have a food or beverage that you love which is full of carbs, don’t be afraid to schedule it into your regular keto activities. For example, let’s say you love beer. The average 8 oz. beer contains around 17 grams of carbs, which is about 8 less than the average 25 grams someone on keto can have a day. There is nothing wrong with eating full keto throughout the day, and then scheduling yourself a beer at night.

Having your cravings in smaller, allowable portions helps you stay on track while still letting you enjoy your favorite foods.