How Can I Tell I'm In Ketosis

Our goal here is to make keto a lifestyle. Something you get so used to, you don’t really have to think about it. It just becomes a part of your routine.

I don’t recommend the approach where you spend every minute testing and looking at strips. It can make you crazy.

Besides, the urine strips are pretty much useless. The meters with test strips that use a drop of blood are much more accurate. If you want to prick your finger several times a day.

But it’s an intellectual exercise. What counts is what is happening to your body in the real world.

The Signs You are In Ketosis

With that in mind, here are the signs you are in ketosis, or going into ketosis.

These are the signals your body sends, if you want to know How Can I Tell I'm In Ketosis.


  1. Keto Breath.   The keto diet makes your body start producing ketones. As the levels of ketones rise, one of those is called acetone. Acetone is breathed out, and some people can smell it. On the other hand, some people can’t smell it.

Either way, it is a temporary phase, like all of these.


2.  Keto Flu.   It’s not really the flu, and it’s nowhere near as bad as real flu, so don’t be scared away. It’s a feeling of sluggishness, mental fog, and maybe mild headaches.  Again, it’s temporary and can be really helped by drinking lots of liquids. Water is great but you really want to drink lots of electrolytes. That will pretty much take care of the ‘flu’ problem.

Good Bacteria, yes it's a thing.

3. Changes in your digestion.  You might have any number of different things. You could go toward constipation, or the other way toward loose movements.

There is a huge amount of bacteria in the gut. Good bacteria. These bacteria are supposed  to be there, so don't be alarmed. They work with your body to digest food and get it to be absorbed so your body can actually use it.

Like you, they have to readjust to the new combinations of foods just like the rest of your body. It takes some time.

4. Exercise is harder.  You may notice you can’t run as far or lift as much weight when you go to exercise.  That’s because your body is used to using glycogen (sugar) stored in the muscles and liver for bursts of energy. Don’t worry, this turns around pretty quickly once you are rolling in ketosis.

5. Insomnia. There are a few reasons for this, but it will also be temporary. Your brain also has to adjust to the level of ketones in the blood. This will settle down and turn into a huge positive as you go forward.

What about the good stuff?

These are some of the ways to answer the question how can I tell I'm in ketosis. But they sound ominous. What about the good stuff?

That’s coming in the next post. The really fun and positive signs you are in ketosis. And they are AWESOME.

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