Eating Keto at Jasons Deli

Eating Keto at Jasons Deli


Jason's Deli goes back to 1976, when it was founded in Beaumont, Texas, by Joe Tortorice Jr. and his partners Pete Verde, Rusty Coco and Pat Broussard. It was named after the oldest son of Joe Tortorice,  Jay.

Having grown up around the food industry, Joe and Rusty had a leg up on how to get started. Their fathers owned neighborhood grocery stores in Beaumont.

The first original Jason's Deli location was at 112 Gateway St. in Beaumont, and is still in operation.

The company started their franchising operation  in 1988, with the first franchised store opened in Tucson, Arizona.

Eating Keto at Jasons Deli is quite convenient since there are now around 295 locations in 29 states. Jason’s ranks very high among restaurants in profits, which means they are doing something right.

They started changing their menu in 2005 to make it more natural and to take out artificial ingredients. They have no MSG, artificial flavors, hydrogenated oils, or artificial colors.

The produce is never frozen. It is delivered fresh 6 days a week.

However, only 3 of the meat options are keto friendly.

Top Keto Dieters Meal Choice:

Bunless corned beef melt with extra corned beef, extra sauerkraut

and melted swiss cheese.

Keto Friendly Meats

Roast beef


Corned beef


Vegetables to Help Stay in Ketosis







Steamed veggies





Cheese for Low Carb Dieters


Cheddar cheese

American cheese

Swiss cheese

Provolone cheese


Drinks to stay in Ketosis


Water and Unsweetened Tea


Keeping your low carb diet on track is not that hard when you know where to eat, and what to watch out for on the menu. Eating Keto at Jasons Deli is simple, if you stick to this guide.


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