Better Sleep for Better Keto Success

How you wake up in the morning sets the tone for your whole day. Good sleep is also the main anti aging weapon we have.

If you are sluggish and tired everyday, your body is more likely to feel like it needs something extra. Your body can feel like it’s asking  “What can give me energy?”

Often, the answer you give yourself is “I need more food. My body needs more quick energy food. I need carbs!”.  I think we’ve all been there.

Waking up sluggish can cause you to eat the wrong things. And because of that, ruin your weight loss plans.

Let’s go over a few simple things that will help you get to get better sleep for better keto and stay asleep.

  1. Don’t eat within 4 to 6 hours of going to bed. WHAT?! you say horrified. You are already trying to maintain this diet, now some guy is telling you not to have that comfort snack before bed.

It’s up to you, but there is one law of the body. If it is digesting, it is not resting. If you go to sleep with a full stomach, you are more likely to wake up multiple times. Also, you won’t reach deep sleep, because your body is working hard to digest. Yes, it’s hard work for the stomach.

Try it and see.

Move your eating schedule so that your stomach is empty by bedtime and see what happens.

  1. Get dark.  Melatonin is the hormone that makes you feel sleepy. Light turns it off. That is so we are awake when the sun is up. If you have lights everywhere at night, your body thinks it’s daytime. Get all lights out of your bedroom. TV, electric clocks.  Even your cell phone. Turn it on airpland mode, and turn the screen down on the table so no light escapes.


  1. The body has natural rhythms. Around 10 pm is one of the times your body wants to sleep. If you fight through it, then you will be up for another 2 hours. If you miss the 10 pm train, then take the midnight train (thanks Gladys Knight). After that, your body will miss the times it makes youth hormones because you are awake and not sleeping. Anti aging anyone?


  1. Coffee and Alcohol both keep the body from making melatonin. Don’t have coffee after early afternoon. Don’t have alcohol before bed.


Light Makes a Big Difference

  1. Blue light. Blue light is interpreted by the brain as sunlight. It says “Don’t Sleep”!  Your TV and computer screens are major sources of blue light. In your computer settings, you should find a blue light dimmer setting. Set it to lower blue light in the evening so your pineal gland can start to produce melatonin, so you can start to naturally feel sleepy.


  1. Cool room temperature. If you are able, set your night time thermostat to about 68 degrees. Bundle up as much as you need to be warm. But the cooler air temps seem to help the body produce the sleep hormones you need.


  1. Electric fields around your bed. If you want to go full attack on things that keep you from good sleep, then unplug everything within about 8 feet of your body. Don’t just turn them off, unplug them. They still have energy in the wires when plugged in. You can see all this if you want to buy a meter that shows electric and magnetic fields.  Or you can take my word for it…they are there.


Happy Sleeping!

But more important, happy waking! Remember, Better Sleep for Better Keto Success.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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