Alcohol On Keto

Can you drink alcohol while you are doing the keto diet? Well, yes, but with qualifications.

I myself don’t drink. So I am relying on the science since I have no personal experience in this area.

If you are in the stage of keto where you are trying to lose maximum fat, then you will be better off without the alcohol. Alcohol tends to turn into blood sugar, so your body does have to deal with it.

But, if you are losing weight at a moderate pace, or you have already lost everything you need to, then it’s not going to hurt.  In Moderation, that is.

When Keto Becomes a Lifestyle

Because eventually you have to look at keto, or low carb, as an ongoing lifestyle.  In that case, if you like alcohol, you need to know how to have it without sending your body back into weight gain.

If you are in ketosis, alcohol affects you in a much stronger way. You will feel the effects much more strongly, and have worse hangovers.

As long as you know that going in, you will know what to look for.

Does alcohol affect you being in ketosis?

Oh yes.

Alcohol reduces glucagon levels. Glucagon is like the opposite of glycogen (blood sugar). Glucagon is responsible for making ketones.

Consumption of alcohol stops the whole process of making ketones, which are what keep you in ketosis.

Alcohol on keto actually pauses the state of ketosis. You can find out for yourself if you have a blood ketone meter. It kicks you out of ketosis, temporarily.

The pause in ketone production is much less  drastic than if you binge on carbs. That can take days or even weeks to recover from!

Alcohol also adds calories. Your body will have an energy source other than fat, so you will stop weight loss while it is in your system.

Were You A Problem Drinker?

If you have had problems with drinking too much in the past, then you should really think hard about whether to introduce alcohol back into your life at all.

Just a thought.

Alcohol stops the production of ketones, which are the ultimate prize in fat burning. Still, alcohol on keto is doable, if you know which drinks and how much.

We will cover which drinks are low carb  in the next post.

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