Zaxby's Keto Menu

Zaxby's Keto Menu


Zaxby's Keto Menu is slim. Yes, they have amazingly flavorful fried chicken, but that’s no longer on the menu for low carb types.

There’s a legend of how the restaurant got started.

It was in the summer of 1990. The two founders, Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley were just hangin out and playing hoops (basketball) at Zach’s house. They were childhood friends.

They got to talking about chicken. Living in Statesboro Georgia, in the very heart of fried chicken territory, they should have had all the great chicken they could stand.  But they didn’t think so. They felt there was a lot of flavor being left on the kitchen counter.

Plus, the local places' wings were bland and unexciting. Worse, they were dull, unimaginative places to visit. They were thinking more pizazz, more fun in the experience.

So right there on the basketball court, they started  bouncing ideas back and forth, and came up with Zaxby’s.

There are now over 900 locations.


They are the official Chicken of Sports Fanz. They sponsor race car drivers, college basketball and college football teams.

The one thing they don’t sponsor is keto friendly meats. Everything is breaded and fried.

All we have here is  salad, although they do have hard boiled eggs. So, yes, you can get by.


Our Top Keto Friendly Meal at Zaxby's


Salad with romaine lettuce, hard-boiled egg, parmesan cheese, cucumber and tomato with a squeeze of lemon.


Keto Compatible Meat at Zaxby's


No Meat

Hard Boiled Egg


Zaxby’s Low Carb Cheeses


Cheddar cheese

Parmesan cheese


Vegetables at Zaxby’s for Low Carb Dieters

Spring salad mix

Celery sticks

Romaine lettuce





Sauces at Zaxby's That Are Low Carb Compatible


No Sauce

Lemon Wedge


Low Carb Compatible Beverages



Unsweetened Tea


Yes, Zaxby’s keto menu is almost non existent, but there’s enough there to get you through a meal. And sometimes that one meal is all you need to keep on keto course.

Relax and Keto On!

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