Will Power and Keto Dieting

Will Power and Keto Dieting


Will Power and Keto Dieting is a big topic, but that’s not how we should think about it. Let’s keep it real simple.


I could write a whole book on it, but that book will be back home on the shelf when you are out in the world in front of a tempting doughnut.  A book can give you ideas, but you need a minute by minute way to deal with temptation and will power.

The main thing you need to know is that will power is connected to your energy levels. If you are tired and weak, your willpower will also be weak.

If you have spent a day resisting temptation, your willpower can actually wear out.

Willpower is almost like a physical muscle. It gets fatigued.  Think of running a marathon. You start out fine, then the energy reserves start to run out and you start to want to quit.


Early is Better


Willpower is usually strongest in the early part of the day.  So what does that mean in real life?


  1. Perhaps you should try doing your grocery shopping early in the day when your energy levels are better. When you are physically and mentally tired, you are way more likely to give up and go along.


Your mind says it wants those chips. If you are tired, it actually takes energy to say no to yourself. So you will be more likely to give in if you are already tired. Willpower and Keto dieting work better together in the morning.


  1. If there is non keto food in the house, try to put it where it takes a lot of effort to get to it. Like high on top of the shelves.


You could even go so far as to have a family member hide it from you.  Then if you find it, they could move it somewhere else.


  1. Maybe you could make your food for the whole day in the morning. Then you don’t have to face the choice in the evening when your energy is low. You will be far more likely to ‘grab’ something if you are tired and nothing is prepared.


Use Your Willpower To Your Advantage

Willpower and keto dieting don’t have to be enemies. Willpower wears out during the day, just like your muscles and your general energy level.  Like all your muscles, willpower can help you immensely if it’s in good shape.


If you know and understand that, you can plan the rest of your keto life around it.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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