Why Are You Overweight

Why Are You Overweight?

What makes one person overeat, while the person next to them has no problem  with weight?

Have you ever been pregnant, or been with  a woman who was pregnant?

Then you will know about  the odd food cravings that come with the situation.

It’s because she’s eating for two, and the baby’s needs for nutrition are sending signals to the woman.

Since neither the baby nor the stomach can talk to the woman directly, the body tries to send signals about what it needs.

These signals can be misinterpreted wildly. The body might need protein, but the brain interprets it as ice cream!  It happens to us all the time, especially if we are deficient in certain nutrients.

Our bodies are designed to tell us when we need food. It’s a built in survival mechanism.

When we are overweight, we have shame or anger because of it. But it’s not your fault. It is part of your DNA.

The cravings are not your fault. But if you want to change it, you have to take responsibility.

Why are you overweight? It helps to know why. You might recognize some of your patterns. If you recognize why you are doing something, you have more chance to change it.


Here are 5 of the top reasons we over eat.


  1. Because I’m Supposed to Eat!   You might have it in your mind that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. So even if you don’t want breakfast, you will have it because someone convinced you it’s needed.


Just say No. If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat. Marketers strike again.


  1. Eating for pleasure.   “I’m not hungry, but there is a cupcake I want, and by God, I’m going to eat it!”.  The brain pleasure chemical Dopamine gets stimulated when you eat certain foods.


Food scientists spend all day every day perfecting flavor and texture.

They do this so you will buy their product. When they get the exact flavor where a food becomes irresistible, they have a name for it.


            They call it the bliss point.

For you, the bliss comes and goes in a moment. The aftermath stays with you, and might answer the question why are you overweight?


  1. Habit Eating.  We get used to a schedule. “I eat every night at 6 pm, no matter what!”  Repeating the same thing over and over makes it a habit.  You can change the habit,  break the schedule.   Again, if you aren’t hungry, don’t eat.


  1. Reward: Maybe your parents rewarded you for good behavior with sweets. So you grow up rewarding yourself for various accomplishments with food. This habit can be redirected to another form of reward.


  1. Food addiction: People show addiction like behavior,  just like drugs. Again, this is often from nutritional deficiencies. Your body keeps asking for some vitamin or mineral, but you misinterpret the signal and send sweets, or whatever,  instead.


A good nutrition plan can go a long way toward stopping the cravings.


There is a way out of this. You just have to know how. That’s why we are here.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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