What Drinks Break a Fast 

We’ve already discussed what breaks a fast in part 1. And it’s not always what you think it is.

Plain tea, herbal tea, and coffee don’t break your fast. That’s pretty simple.

Anything with sugar will obviously. That includes “healthy” drinks like fruit juice.

When it comes to keto, sugar is sugar. Whether or not it comes from a healthy source.

On the other side though, fat is not always food in the keto world. And I mean that in a good way.

Figuring out what drinks break a fast is also not so cut and dried.

Coffee drinks

Coffee drinks mean anything that has coffee, but also lots of other ingredients.

The coffee drinks (that aren’t plain coffee) at Starbucks are probably super high in things we don’t want, like sugar, sugar, and oh yeah, sugar.

But there is coffee with cream. This means real, heavy cream. Not creamers. Not creamy, low, fat creamers.  Good old, dairy based cream. Because it is almost all fat.

The fat will add some calories to the coffee, but in the form of fat which your body is already burning for fuel. At least we hope it’s already burning fat.

Bulletproof coffee.  What is it?  It is coffee, with grass fed butter, and MCT oil. MCT stands for medium chain triglyceride oil. It’s a good thing. It’s a super healthy form of oil, usually from coconut.

There is maybe 10 times more calories in a bulletproof coffee than a plain old coffee with a little cream. But it’s all fat.

The effect on glucose and insulin levels will be minimal. But it will add an outside source of fat calories. That means your body will burn the calories you put in with the bulletproof coffee, before it starts burning your fat cells.

This can actually be very helpful if you are trying to do longer fasts.

It gives your body energy, in a very good form. But it doesn’t knock you from ketosis. It might technically not qualify as a fasting drink. That’s OK though. It won’t affect insulin levels.

It will give you a boost if you need it to get through the day. Especially when you are early in the process of intermittent fasting, you might need an occasional bit of help.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line of what drinks break a fast?  Drinks with carbs are OUT.

Drinks with fat are OK in small, reasonable quantities.

Even though they ‘technically’ break the fast, in the real world, they only slow it down slightly.

And that might be the difference in you succeeding on your fast, or giving up. We would much rather succeed at a moderate level, than fail completely. I know I would.

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