Wendy's Keto Menu

Wendy's Keto Menu


Wendy's keto menu for low carb dieters is the typical hamburger restaurant fare.


The Wendy's chain was named after the founder's daughter.   His name was Dave Thomas and he used to do their TV ads. He was quite famous in his own right.


Wendy's had the first modern drive through where you give your order into the speaker,  then pull up to collect your food. There is probably some question as to whether that was a good thing or not. Those speakers make people want to scream sometimes.


Now, on to Wendy’s Keto menu


The beef patty is a nice high quality item.


However,  none of the other meat items on the menu are  Keto approved.


They all have some disqualifying ingredients. Sugar is the usual suspect,  but it can also be that they are mixed with grains.


Order your burger with the lettuce wrap. They provide a nice container to hold it with a knife and fork to help you stay nice and neat.


Our Top Keto Friendly Meal at Wendy's


2 hamburger patties layered with American cheese topped with onion and tomato with a lettuce wrap.


Wendy's Low Carb Meat Choices


Hamburger patty topped with



Cheese Choices for Keto Dieters at Wendy's


American cheese

Muenster cheese

Blue cheese crumbles



Wendys Vegetables to Stay Keto


Spring salad mix

Salad blend






Low Carb Friendly Sauce




Wendy's Ketosis Compatible  Beverages


Cold brew iced coffee

Fresh brewed coffee

Unsweet Tea


Good old Wendy's keto menu is there when you need it,  but it's definitely not destination dining for Keto Dieters.


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