Waffle House Keto

Waffle House Keto Menu


The Waffle House Keto menu is tiny, miniscule, almost non-existent…OK, you get the idea.


But, the keto part of the menu is there. It can be done.


It all started in 1949 when one man, a real estate agent,  sold another man,  a house. The home buyer worked at a restaurant chain called the Toddle House.  The two became friends and developed a plan to open up their own restaurant, a single restaurant, and call it Waffle House.


They worked on their plan for 5 years. On Labor Day of 1955, the first Waffle House opened in Avondale Estates, an Atlanta Suburb. They never even dreamed of opening more locations. They wanted to concentrate on providing the most friendly, customer centered experience they could. Good Food Fast was the plan.


In the sixties, Waffle House started to expand in earnest. They started sprouting up all along the interstate system. Offering their friendly welcome to truckers and travellers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


There is an urban legend that they don’t even have locks on the doors, since they never close.


There are now over 2100 locations.  If you are truly out in the wilds of America, you can almost always find a Waffle House. And if you can resist the smell of the waffles, you can do fine for a low carb meal.


The only meat on the menu that doesn’t contain sugar is the hamburger patty. And be sure to ask for fresh cracked eggs for any egg dish that you order.


Our Top Recommendation for a Keto Friendly Meal at Waffle House Keto


2 egg omelet with grilled onion, grilled mushroom, tomato and jalapeno with American cheese.


Waffle House Keto Meats

Angus hamburger



Cheese at Waffle House to Stay in Ketosis


American Cheese


Waffle House Veggies for the Ketogenic Diet


House salad

Grilled onion

Grilled mushrooms



Fresh onion



Sauces at Waffle House That Are Low Carb


Hot Sauce

Lemon Wedge


Keto Friendly Drinks




Unsweetened Tea


The Waffle House keto menu is short and sweet ( a little keto humor there). But they make a great oasis in the desert if you are hard travelling and need to eat.


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