Twin Peaks Keto Menu


Twin Peaks Keto Menu


The Twin Peaks Keto Menu is a surprise. The environment in the restaurant may not be to your taste, but you can definitely get a good keto meal there if you are stuck for somewhere to eat.


Twin Peaks was modeled after Hooters. They have well built waitresses in tight clothes like Hooters. But they actually put more effort into their menu and the quality of the food. That was one of their aims when they were starting. To upgrade the food and drink experience.


They have flirted with controversy, and maybe they did it on purpose to get free publicity.

But, if you aren’t offended by the atmosphere, you can really enjoy some good low carb food while watching sports on TV.


They have the ability to customize your orders to make them keto friendly. Feel free to ask them for special treatment.


Their seasonings are not keto friendly. Make sure to have them use only salt, pepper, and oil for seasonings.


Their food quality is surprisingly high, and quite fresh.


On to the Twin Peaks Keto Menu.


Our Top Choice For A Main Keto Dieters Meal at Twin Peaks


Grilled haddock seasoned with salt and pepper with a side of asparagus.


Keto Friendly Meats at Twin Peaks


Chargrilled salmon

Smoked and grilled naked wings

Steak all cuts

Grilled chicken

Hamburger patty

Grilled shrimp


Grilled haddock


Cheeses For Low Carb Dieters at Twin Peaks


Smoked Gouda cheese

Swiss cheese


Keto Friendly Vegetables at Twin Peaks



Pico de gallo






Iceberg wedge


Sauces That Help You Stay Keto at Twin Peaks




Lemon wedges


Seasonings That Are Low Carb


Salt & Pepper


Drinks That Keep You In Ketosis at Twin Peaks



Unsweetened Tea


The Twin Peaks Keto Menu is quite decent, high quality, and tasty. Just make sure you understand the environment before you go in with the family.


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