The Painless Keto Hack

The Painless Keto Hack

The Keto diet is generally kind of hard when you first start. Like any diet, I guess.

One thing humans don’t like is to start a change for the better. Oh, we LOVE it after we have made the change.

We are happier and healthier. It’s just that human nature likes to keep going the way it already is.

So we have to be on the keto diet for a while in order to get the body into ketosis. It involves planning, execution, and willpower.

Ketosis is when your body actually burns the fat from your body.

That’s why it seems to melt away almost like magic when you are in ketosis.

Many times you will start looking better without your weight changing.



Because muscle is heavier than fat. You could weigh the same but look very different if the weight is more from muscle.

When you are in Ketosis, you are losing weight while sitting at your desk.

You are losing weight while you are in the kitchen.

Weight is falling off  while you are lounging on the couch.

You are actually losing weight while you are eating! What could be better than that?

You don’t have to be at the gym. Just going about your life.


So what is the painless keto hack to help you get into and stay in ketosis?


It’s called MCT. It stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides.

It comes from Coconuts.

MCTs are turned into ketone bodies that your body can immediately use for energy!

They don’t even have to pass through the whole digestive process.

That’s why if you take oil on your food or in a drink, you will feel almost instant energy!


It helps you feel better while you are burning fat.


If you are new to Keto, then it will really help get you into ketosis.

If you are a keto veteran, it will help you smooth out your day energy wise.

There are no other supplements that really help you get into ketosis.

Make MCT oil part of your diet EVERY DAY. It can actually help you get into ketosis even if all the glycogen is not completely out of the body!

That is huge. Even if you haven’t purged all the glycogen from the system, it can help you get in ketosis where the fat melts away.


The One We Recommend


There is one MCT that we recommend. Find it at

It is designed by one of the top Keto diet designers with thousands of successful dieters. You can see their stories at the website.

Now you know the painless keto hack. It’s as easy as I can make it for you.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day





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