The Fastest Way to Ketosis By Far

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The Fastest Way to Ketosis By Far

Everyone is always in a hurry to lose weight. And that’s OK.

The weight is not good for you. It doesn’t help how you look or how you feel.

This advice is not for those with diabetes or serious heart problems. Work with your doctor if that is the case. Also, move slower and give your body time to adjust more.


But the rest of us, this technique can put you in ketosis in as little as ONE NIGHT    !


What is it?   Fasting.  Or as we prefer, intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is when you eat something every day, but you purposely leave a long stretch of time between dinner and either breakfast or lunch the next day.

In as little as 12 to 14 hours the body naturally goes into ketosis and starts to naturally burn fat for fuel.

By the way, if you have been told to eat a lot of small meals, that’s the opposite of this. That way of eating doesn’t give your body time to digest, or get into ketosis.  I don’t recommend eating that way at all.(unless your doctor says otherwise).

When you fast, your body starts adjusting. One of the adjustments it makes, is to start finding alternate sources of energy within the body. When the sugar, or glycogen, in the blood gets used up in a few hours, the body will switch to using fats for energy.

This is why intermittent fasting is used in the most powerful keto diets, and is the fastest way to ketosis by far. It becomes part of your daily routine.  In my case, I don’t eat from dinner until lunch each day.


I rarely think about my weight now. It just stays steady.


In fact, many people use fasting alone for their weight control. They don’t even do the keto diet.

They do watch their calories however. You can’t just eat millions of calories of the wrong foods. But if you keep your calories around your daily need level, and do some level of fasting, you can probably keep your weight steady.

Yes this is a keto blog, but there are ways to steady your weight without keto too. Maybe you don’t do well with it. That’s fine.  Eat healthy foods, eat two meals a day at noon and five pm. Keep the calories down to the amount you need to live. Watch what happens.


The thing about keto is it will keep you from feeling hungry.


That is it’s magic. The fat content keeps you feeling content. But it’s not necessary if you can get used to intermittent fasting.

However, if you combine keto and intermittent fasting then watch out. You can lose weight at a very fast rate.  We actually have a program laid out for you that includes every meal, every recipe, a shopping list, and an intermittent fasting schedule.  You can see it at

With the right food, and intermittent fasting, your weight is under your control. This is The Fastest Way to Ketosis By Far.  All that’s left is for you to get started.

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