Taco Cabana Keto Menu

Taco Cabana Keto Menu


Taco Cabana was started in September of 1978. The first restaurant was at the corner of San Pedro and Hidebrand Ave. in San Antonio Texas.  Felix Stehling bought an out of business  Dairy Queen because the family needed additional parking space for their popular bar across the street, the Crystal Pistol.

Since the building was already there, he decided to open a taco stand inside of it. The original design of the Dairy Queen was an open air patio type. He decided to leave it like that, and that open air patio feel became the main design feature of all future locations.

After finding all the outdoor chairs and tables stolen after the first night they were open, Stehling figured he might as well stay open 24 hours.

Like any intelligent, open minded person, he changed and adapted as the situation called for it. Just like when you are on Keto, and everything doesn’t go according to plan. You have to improvise and move forward.

Like if you are out and about, and it’s time to eat. You need to know which restaurants have what you need, and which menu items are keto or low carb.

Luckily for you, the Taco Cabana keto menu is pretty darn good for a taco stand.

The meat does not contain any sugar or grain in preparation. Most of the items on the menu are made right on site, fresh daily.

The Taco Cabana Keto Menu contains some of the very best keto tacos or fajita salads anywhere.


Top Keto Meal Choice at Taco Cabana


Beef brisket fajita salad with lettuce, cilantro, pico de gallo, grilled red and green peppers and cheddar cheese.


Low Carb Meats at Taco Cabana

Ground beef

Diced beef

Fajita steak

Fajita chicken

Beef brisket


Taco Cabana Cheese for Low Carb Diets


Shredded cheddar cheese blend


Vegetables for the Ketogenic Diet






Grilled red and green peppers


Keto Friendly Sauce at Taco Cabana




Low Carb Dieters Beverages at Taco Cabana


Unsweetened Tea



The Taco Cabana keto menu is pretty darn good for a little food hut. Have a yummy day.


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