Stay Hydrated on the Keto Diet

Stay Hydrated on the Keto Diet Easily


You hear it over and over in keto. “You have to stay hydrated on the keto diet!”

There are two good reasons for that.

One: You tend to lose more water, along with electrolytes when you go into ketosis.

Two: Being dehydrated makes all the functions of the body sluggish. Like when you burn fat and need to move the waste products out through the lymph and blood system

When these things happen you don’t feel good. You might feel super low energy, headachy, and generally like no one around you is safe from your anger.

The entire situation is avoidable if you just stay hydrated.

But what if you aren’t a bottle carrying type.

Here are a few shortcuts to trick yourself into getting more liquids and to stay hydrated on the keto diet.


1.  Regular or Herbal Tea.


If you get bored with water easily, experiment with different versions of tea. Warm, Cold, add two together. But have it pre made and ready to drink. Of course, only “sweeten” with stevia or other non sugar substitutes.

My wife just can’t drink plain water, so we have a keto friendly electrolyte mix that we use to flavor the water. Don’t forget your electrolytes. They get flushed out easily when you are cleansing from your keto diet.


2. Soup

You can have cold soups or hot soups. Again, you can have some pre made, so all you have to do is grab and go.

There are several broth bases out there you can start with. They will add nutrients, flavor, and  those all important electrolytes.

3. Flavored Waters


To stay hydrated on the keto diet, sometimes you have to trick yourself.  You can make your own ‘infused’ waters from fruits and herbs. It is really simple.  You just put the herb and let it soak, with maybe a slice of lemon. There are thousands of recipes out there.

These will help you drink more.


4. Water in Food


You can eat more veggies with high water content.  Celery, Cucumber, Tomato, Lettuce, are high water content. Sprinkle a little salt on them, since you need salt during the keto process.

Stay Hydrated on the Keto Diet and your life will be so much smoother and more fun. Those low energy, dull headaches from dehydration make life miserable.


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Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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