Sleep Helps With Keto Success

Sleep Helps With Keto Success

The human was made to sleep.

I know, you thought we were made to do things. And that is true.

But we have this strange little thing built into our system. In a regular rhythm, we have to stop and rest.

If we don’t stop and rest, our mental health goes down hill fast. Our hormones go off balance. Performance at all levels gets slower and worse.

There is one place where getting enough sleep is even more critical. That is when you are trying to get into ketosis.

Getting into ketosis depends on hormones. Hormones depend on the body being in working condition.


Stress Hormones


Lack of sleep creates a body full of stress hormones. Not good.

You are not going to get the body functioning smoothly if you ignore the part of your life called sleep.

Getting enough sleep can be critical in your keto journey.

The older you are, the more sleep helps with keto success.


Here are some simple tips to help you get regular sleep.


  1. Try to get into a habit. Try to go to bed at the same time every night.


If you have a constantly changing schedule, this will be harder. But at least make and effort.


  1. Your bed is only for sleep at night.


Don’t watch tv in bed. Don’t read. Try to make your bed the place you go only to sleep. This is part of making your bedtime a habit, or routine.  Your brain will associate bed with sleep and not other activities. Then, when you go in there, your mind will have a habit of sleep and you will find it much easier to slip into dreamland.


  1. Have all the lights off. ALL lights. LED lights on your phone, clocks, any lights. Light tells your brain to wake up, even if your eyes are closed.


  1. Keep the room cool and get under the cozy covers. A hot room makes you wake more often.


  1. Try not to have food in your stomach. Eat at least 4 hours before bed. You will be able to sleep much more deeply and wake up really fresh. This is a big one that you can test by trying it for a week to see what it does.


Make an Effort


Just give this a try. You don’t have to commit for the rest of your life. Just say to yourself “I’ll give this a try for a couple of weeks”. Sleep helps with keto success. There are no two ways about it.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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