O'Charleys Keto and Low Carb

O'Charleys Keto and Low Carb


O’Charleys Keto and Low Carb Menu is about average for this type of restaurant.


You have enough choices to dine there regularly if need be.

There was actually a Charley in the founding of the company.  Charles (Sonny) Watkins founded O'Charley's in 1971 in Nashville, across the street from Vanderbilt University.

He ran original O'Charley's from 1971 to 1984 as a regular stand alone restaurant.

He then sold to a guy with bigger plans, who turned it into a chain over several years. In mid 1987, they had 12 stores. Today they have around 200.

They present themselves as a place where you can feel welcome and comfortable. A place to lift your spirits when you are down.  Whether they succeed or not is up to you, but I think it’s a worthwhile goal.

O'Charleys Keto and Low Carb menu items are there if you know where to look. They have a decent number of meals that are able to be prepared with no sugar or grains involved.


O’Charleys Top Keto Recommendation for Keto Dieters


Grilled Atlantic salmon seasoned with only salt and pepper with grilled asparagus on the side.


Low Carb Meats at O’Charleys


Grilled shrimp (only salt, pepper and oil)

Hamburger patty

Cedar planked salmon



Grilled Atlantic salmon

Shaved prime rib (without the au jus)Cheese

O'Charleys Keto and Low Carb Cheese


Cheddar cheese

Swiss cheese

Monterey jack cheese


O’Charleys Vegetables for Low Carb Diets



Grilled asparagus





O’Charleys Keto Friendly Sauces




Low Carb Drinks



Unsweetened Tea


Let the happy times roll with O'Charleys Keto and Low Carb menu. They want you to have a good time and feel good when you go there. What a great idea.

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