Noodles and Company Keto

Noodles and Company Keto


Noodles and Company Keto is quite easy and fun.  They started in 1995 with a simple sounding idea. Fast food, but all fresh! There were lots of fast food restaurants, but they all used frozen or otherwise prepped foods.

This was a new idea at the time, but has since been copied by many others.

Here’s the part we like.  Each dish is carefully hand-made to your specifications, using only the freshest ingredients.


The menu items are inspired by world cuisines. Penne Rosa from Italy, Japanese Pan Noodles, and Mediterranean style salads.

Of course, some of these dishes are not Keto friendly, but it gives you a feel for the atmosphere.

It’s a place where you can have a cozy dinner, or a family night out. They also do catering.

Noodles and Company Keto items include zoodles and a lot of fresh.


The Cauliflower noodles, called Caulifoodles, are made with wheat flour, so they are a no go.


Noodles and Company keto items are there.  Just make sure to ask the server that your food only be cooked with oil and the spices listed.


Best Low Carb Meal Choice:


Grilled shrimp zoodles with tomato, spinach and green onion cooked with Italian seasoning.


Keto Friendly Meats at Noodles and Company


Grilled chicken

Grilled shrimp


Braised pulled pork




Cheeses for Keto Diets



Feta cheese

MontAmore cheese


Low Carb Friendly Vegetables



Green onion


Napa and red cabbage





Black truffle


Kalamata olives


Low Carb Compatible Spices at Noodles and Company



Black sesame seeds

Italian seasoning




Sauces for Keto Dieters


Buffalo Sauce


What to Drink at Noodles and Company to stay Keto



Unsweetened Tea


Noodles and Company Keto menu is not the biggest, but it might be the freshest. Any occasion, a nice place to hang out.

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