Net Carbs in Alcoholic Drinks

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Net Carbs in Alcoholic Drinks

This is a list of common drinks you will run into. This is an approximation, since different brands my vary some. Mixed drinks can be very different in carbs depending on what recipe is used.

So, as usual, this is for you to have a general idea. These numbers are approximations.

Also, I’m not a drinker at all, so I can’t help with any personal knowledge. But this should be close enough to keep you out of carb trouble.

The carb content is figured as per 100 grams, or about 3 ½” ounces.  Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber. Fiber is counted as carbs, but doesn’t really absorb in the body.

Note: If you are ever stuck at a certain weight and you can’t lose anymore, try counting your carbs as total carbs and not net carbs. This will lower your carb count even more and can often break a weight loss stall.

Here’s the list of net carbs in alcoholic drinks.


Drinks That Are Carb Friendly


Brandy – 0 grams

Tequila – 0 grams

Vodka – 0 grams

Martini – 0 grams

Whisky – 0 grams


Wines – Not So Carb Friendly


Generally between 2 – 5 grams per 3 ½” ounces.


White Wines


Albarino – 3.5 grams

Pinot Grigio – 3 grams

Sparkling – 1.5 grams

Brut Cava – 2.5 grams

Brut Champagne – 2.9 grams

Chardonnay – 3 grams

Riesling – 5 grams


Red Wines


Pinot Noir – 3.5 grams

Cabernet  3.7 grams

Zinfandel – 4 grams

Merlot – 3.7 grams


Beer  –  Not Really Recommended


Michelob Ultra – 2.5 grams

Budweiser Select – 3 grams

Becks Premier Light – 3.2 grams

Miller 64 – 2.4 grams


Mixed Drinks  –  Not Really Much Here For You


Vodka and Orange Juice – 28 grams  per 3 ½” ounces!!!

Gin and Tonic – 13 grams

Sangria – 18 grams

Cosmo – 13 grams

Rum and Sugar I mean Coke – 39 grams

White Russian – 17 grams

Bloody May – 7 grams


That’s the list of net carbs in alcoholic drinks. As you can see, it’s really only the first group that you can drink and stay on Keto.  Alcohol does do a weird thing to blood sugar temporarily, but shouldn’t knock you out of ketosis.   As long as you do it in moderation.


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