Mortons Steakhouse Low Carb

 Mortons Steakhouse Low Carb Options


Mortons Steakhouse Low Carb options are plentiful. It is an oasis of keto food in a sea of carbs out there.


The thing is, it is definitely on the upper end of the price scale. So either it’s a special occasion kind of place, or you don’t care about price.


But it is described as ‘Heaven’ by many on the keto diet. So save up your pennies and try to make it there someday.


They started as an upscale hamburger place. They created the signature “million dollar burger”, which put them on the map.


Morton’s Steakhouse Low Carb Options come in  a wide variety of proteins. Many are already keto friendly, or they can be made that way by specifying what to leave out.


Best Low Carb Entree at Mortons Steakhouse:


Espresso crusted Zabuton steak with garlic cream and gremolata, sautéed brussels sprouts cooked plain with no sauce.


Keto Friendly Meats at Mortons Steakhouse


Ahi tuna tower (no sauce, tuna marinade)

Bacon wrapped sea scallops

Maine lobster tail

Colossal crab meat cocktail

Jumbo shrimp cocktail

Nueske’s bacon wrapped steak (no glaze, plain)

Angus steak, all cuts (no au jus, served plain)

Oysters on the half shell

Baseball cut sirloin steak, black and blue (no au jus, onion)

Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella (no balsamic glaze or vinaigrette)

Red king crab legs USDA prime steak, all cuts (no au jus)

Ora king salmon (no balsamic glaze)

Coulotte steak, porcini dusted, wild mushrooms (no au jus,

served plain)

Zabuton steak, espresso crusted, garlic cream, gremolata (no seasoning, au jus)

SRF wagyu gold Manhattan (no au jus)

Miso marinated sea bass (no miso)


Cheeses that are Keto Compatible at Mortons Steakhouse


Smoked gouda cheese

Blue cheese

Parmesan cheese


Mortons Steakhouse Vegetables for Keto Dieters


Sautéed brussels sprouts (no sauce, serve plain)

Jumbo asparagus (served plain, no hollandaise sauce)

Sautéed broccoli florets (no bread crumbs)

Wedge of iceberg

Romaine lettuce

Sautéed spinach and button mushrooms (no seasoning)


Beverages to Stay in Ketosis at Mortons Steakhouse



Unsweetened tea



Heavy cream


If you want to really do a night on the town, there is nowhere better.  Mortons Steakhouse Low Carb menu is a wonderland. Enjoy.


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