McDonalds Keto Lunch

It’s lunch or dinnertime. You find yourself out of the house without food. Well fear not.

McDonalds is usually nearby.

And yes, you can do a keto lunch McDonalds. Pretty easily, as it turns out.

First the no no’s.

  1. No Buns
  2. No Ketchup


That’s it. If you leave those two things off, then most of the meals are actually good.

Since you can’t do ketchup (catsup) , you can add the mustard or mayo for toppings on any of these meals.

The spicy buffalo dipping sauce, and the Ranch style dipping sauce each  have 1 gram of carbs. They really add lots of flavor.

How to do a McDonalds Keto Lunch

The Cheeseburger comes with cheese, mustard, onion, and pickle. With all that it comes in at 2 net carbs.

The McDouble comes with cheese, lettuce, extra pickles, and mustard. You get two hamburger patties with the cheese between them. It’s a good deal at $1.89.  3 net carbs.


Double Cheeseburger. Two burgers, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion. The extra cheese will add another gram of net carbs. So this choice is around 4 net carbs.

On the dollar menu, Plain old hamburger (no bun). You can ask for extra shredded lettuce, pickle, and onion if they don’t have a salad on the menu. The burger alone is 0 carb. The lettuce adds a gram of carb.

It is the dollar menu, so the burger patties are pretty thin.

The Three Dollar Menu.


Triple Cheeseburger. 3 meat patties, 2 cheese slices, pickles, onions, mustard. If you order extra lettuce, you can make a kind of salad bowl out of it. 3-4 net carbs.

The quarter pounder.  It’s a good meal (without the bun and ketchup of course). But it’s pretty expensive compared to the other meals. As of the day I’m writing this, it is $5.29. It will be around 3 net carbs.


At the top is the Double Quarter Pounder. It costs about $7 and comes in at 4 net carbs or so.

Which one you choose is up to you. How tall are you, how hungry, etc.

A McDonalds Keto Lunch is pretty easy to come by.

But never forget, it’s all about the carbs. Watch those carbs like a hawk and you will get the prize…..ketosis.  Burning fat like magic.

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