Less Hunger on Keto

Here is the Super Secret Key advantage the keto diet will give you.

It’s based on lots of research. And there is one huge and wonderful fact.

When you get into the Keto diet, when you really get rolling and get into ketosis, you tend to eat less calories than you did before – without noticing!

Actually, in keto, we aren’t all that concerned about calories, within reason. We are more concerned about getting into ketosis.

It’s one of  two things the Keto diet does really well. It gives you a much larger chance of success than any other weight loss system.

Secret Weapon #1: We’ve got Ketosis. They don’t.  The Keto diet, when done right,  gets your body into ketosis.

What is Ketosis?

What is Ketosis? Ketosis is when your body stops using sugars to make energy, and starts using up fat for energy.

You know those little candles you make by putting vegetable oil in a bowl? The wick floats on top of the oil. But it is the oil, or fat, that is actually burning. After a few hours, all the oil, or fat, burns up and the bowl is empty.

That is what happens in your body with keto. Fat literally melts away as it is consumed by your body.  Being in ketosis is the holy grail.  You simply go on about your daily life while the fat is melting off. That's why you have less hunger on keto.

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Second Secret Weapon:

Research shows that people on keto eat fewer calories than they did before they started on Keto…WITHOUT NOTICING!

Have you always wished you could be one of “those people” that is skinny and  “forgets to eat”. It can actually happen to you. I’ve been there, done that.

How does it accomplish this?

You simply follow three principles to have less hunger on keto.

  1. Make sure you eat enough Protein so the body can replace muscle and repair cells
  2. Make sure to eat enough Fats so that the body feels satiated. That’s right, eat fats, those yummy tummy satisfiers.
  3. Make extra sure to reduce Carbs to the extent that the body CAN’T use them for energy. When there are not enough sugars in the blood, your body  is forced to burn fats. This keeps you away from the “foods”  that turn straight to fat…candy, bread, etc.

Cravings are the Enemy

Cravings are the enemy of dieters.  You know that  empty feeling that makes you start grazing. You can’t figure out what you want, you just have to eat SOMETHING.

Your stomach actually has BRAIN cells in and around it. Your stomach can actually communicate. That is your body talking, not you. It’s not even your fault.

Your body is designed to force you to hunt when it is not getting the nutrients it needs. It’s a survival mechanism built into us from the earliest time of our existence.

But when your body feels that it has everything it needs, it won’t tell you to go hunting, to go looking for that food you can’t name but know you need.

You will sit in peace and feel good. While you lose weight!

Is that awesome or what?

It’s up to you how quickly you want to get going. If you want to jump start your new self , then go here right now  RockThatKeto.com/sk. We have it all laid out for you so you can start today!

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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