Keto Without All The Math

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Keto Without All The Math

The Keto diet is kind of hard at the beginning. It puts your body through a lot of changes.

It changes your body from burning sugar to burning fats. That’s a big deal, and your body will let you know.

But, that only lasts a couple days to a couple of weeks usually.

That’s not a high price to pay to lose all that weight, and to get the wonderful, positive changes in your blood chemistry.

Doctors are often shocked at how much the blood work of their keto dieters changes for the better.

But, the hardest part of keto for many is actually planning and execution of the diet.


You have to figure out:


  1. What to Eat


Which dishes do I want for the coming days, weeks, months.


  1. What are the Macros?


How much of each food do eat at each meal, to get the right balance of protein, carbs, and fats? You have to figure out the percentage and weights of each macronutrient, and get them balanced for every meal.


  1. Where do I find recipes to make those foods taste good?


You can spend endless amounts of time looking for the right recipes so that the food you need to eat tastes good. Diets are hard enough without lousy tasting food.


  1. How much of each food Do I Buy?


How do I reverse engineer my shopping list?  I have all these foods, and then found all these recipes. How much of each food do I buy?


Or would you rather have keto without all the math?


The math required to start keto is enough to make people give up before they start.

I have a secret. I couldn’t do keto without a pre-made plan. My brain and math don’t go together. I took one look at all the figuring that was required and shook my head ‘NO’!

It wasn’t until I saw the ******* Keto  plan that I couldn even start.

It tells you everything to eat and do for 28 days. After the 28 days, you can start over at the beginning of the plan and keep going. There are lots of substitutions so it will never be the same twice.


Brain Free Keto!


You don’t have to come up with meals. You don’t have to find 90 recipes. There is no figuring out how much of each ingredient to buy. Because it even includes a shopping list.

So if you are having trouble with getting started, try keto without all the math. Try a ‘done for you’ solution.  It could have you losing weight before you would have even finished figuring out your first meal on your own.

Go to and see the stories of all the desperate people who finally broke through and got results.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day





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