Keto Saved Her From Diabetes

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Keto Saved Her From Diabetes

We’ll call her Jane.

She never thought much about her food growing up. Yes, she was overweight, but not all that much.

Then, at age 23, she got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes!  She had had it for several years and didn’t know it.

The doctor gave her medicine and some general diet advice and sent her on her way. She didn’t realize how serious it was.

Until she got pregnant a few years later. Then she realized it is a serious condition that needed serious attention.

Working with her doctor, she lost 50 or 60 pounds, but it didn’t help her blood sugar at all. How much you weigh is not the whole story with diabetes.

She actually was good at losing weight, but not controlling her blood sugar.


She had to take matters into her own hands. She started reading and learning and came across keto. It was a revelation.


With her doctor’s permission, she started the keto journey.


The move to keto was hard for her. But she was determined to see it through.

After a couple of months, her blood sugar improved to the point she cut down on her insulin.

Her doctors were thrilled and told her to keep it up.

Finally, she got completely free of insulin. No more injections several times a day with bruises from the needles. She also cut down on other medications. Keto saved her from diabetes.

The hardest thing for her now is when she is with family and friends. They appreciate her health and beautiful new body, it’s not that.


It’s that she can’t often eat what they eat. So, like most of us veterans, she often brings her own food to these gatherings.

She slides a little, and gains some weight back now and then. But then she recommits and gets back into the right habits.

“It’s OK if you aren’t perfect. But you do have to stay committed. This diabetes is a serious disease and I have to be constantly on guard. My advice is to not let yourself get it in the first place.”


“Eat right starting today, and the rest of your life will be much better.”


Jane’s relationship with food is the main change she has made. She was a binge eater and had to get over that. She slipped and cheated some, which led to weight gain.

But it’s a marathon, not a sprint. She never gives up and neither should you. Keto saved her from diabetes, and it could for you too.

She’s managing, and you can too. There is a beautiful, bright life of health and fitness in front of you. Just take the first step.

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