Keto Items at Cheesecake Factory

Keto Items at Cheesecake Factory


Yes, there are keto items at Cheesecake Factory.  The name alone makes you think it’s hopeless, but they actually have a really large variety of low carb menu items.


In fact, they have so many keto choices, you can make it a go to, regular destination on your eating out circuit. There are ten different meats alone. Then when you have them prepared in various combinations, you could almost eat there daily.


There’s a great story to the humble beginnings of this chain. What does that have to do with you losing weight? Everything.


These are the same stories as your story. Start humbly, with the first step, then achieve great things. The people who started this restaurant were no more advanced than you with your diet. They just started and kept going. That often brings success. Quitting never brings success.


You can do this. Arm yourself with knowledge, throw in some good old fashioned stick-to-it-tiveness, and you are almost there.


In 1949, Evelyn Overton started baking and selling cheesecakes to her husbands employer. She opened a small cheesecake shop for a while. She gave up the shop because of the demands of raising children, but continued to supply cheesecakes to local restaurants from her basement kitchen.


However, they later moved to the Los Angeles area and started a bakery.  But it wasn’t until 1978 when her son David opened a small sandwich shop that things got rolling. Mom’s cheesecake recipes were on the menu and they were popular. Things grew from there until there were hundreds  of locations around the world.


Now, on to the keto items at Cheesecake Factory.


All the house seasoning blends contain sugar, so ask for seasoning to be done separately with salt, pepper, oil, or garlic. No sauces either.


Our Top Keto Friendly Choice at Cheesecake Factory


Tuna Poke appetizer, grilled shrimp salad with red onion, avocado, blue cheese and fresh spinach topped with olive oil and vinegar.


Keto Compatible Meats at Cheesecake Factory


Grilled chicken

Hamburger patty

Grilled shrimp

Steak all cuts

Grilled turkey burger (no bun)

Mushroom burger (no bun)

sub lettuce wrap

Grilled pork chop

sub lettuce wrap

Carne asada steak

Tuna poke

Grilled salmon



Low Carb Cheese at Cheesecake Factory


Blue cheese

Cheddar cheese

Swiss cheese


Vegetables for Low Carb Dieters at Cheesecake Factory


Greek salad (no dressing)

Kalamata olives

Red onion

Green onion

Fresh spinach



Romaine lettuce



Sunflower seeds




Keto Diet Compatible Sauces


Olive oil


Lemon wedges


Items to Drink for the Ketogenic Diet at Cheesecake Factory



Unsweet tea

Hot tea


Heavy cream


There are plenty of Keto Items at Cheesecake Factory. The problem is the items that aren’t! It’s a tempting kind of place, so be strong.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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