Keto Got Me Pregnant

Keto Got Me Pregnant!


There are so many women who have trouble conceiving. This is not medical advice, but what I know and have experienced.

There is one major cause of many women having trouble conceiving and or carrying to full term. It is gluten and associated proteins.


The keto diet removes all forms of gluten from the diet.


Gluten intolerance is actually present in the whole population according to studies. Some people have very low sensitivity to gluten, while others are extremely sensitive.

Where you fall on that scale determines how much trouble gluten will give you.

Yes, people joke about it who don’t know about it. But I nearly died from it, so I’m not laughing.

There are other conditions that can cause problems, like PCOS. Keto has been shown to help with that also.

Being obese can affect your hormones and menstruation cycles. So losing weight through keto is a double benefit for that. Lose the weight, get your menstrual cycle back on track so you can conceive.


If you are one of the lucky ones who can say “keto got me pregnant”, don’t forget the 9 months after that.


Let’s say for example, if it was gluten that was messing with your body, then why would you start eating it again when you finally get pregnant?

Gluten is also associated with mis-carriage. A lot.

So even if you don’t stay on full keto during pregnancy, get your carbs from other sources than grains. You see, all grains have either the full gluten protein, or a part of it.  The “Non Gluten” grains like Qunoa, Amaranth, Millet, etc, are not really gluten free. They all have part of the gluten protein, and all of them will make your body react in some way.


If you get pregnant through keto, then stay pregnant through keto.


Or at least modified keto.

I have been Gluten free for at least 15 years, so yes, you can live without it. In fact, you might only live without it.

Keto is really no different than any other diet as long as you keep it balanced. You get all the macronutrients you need. If you are getting pregnant, you might want to take a good natural multivitamin supplement to make sure. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist.

Obviously, crash dieting, even using keto, is not a good idea during pregnancy.

Don’t forget the guys! High carb diet leads to low quality sperm, so he could be on keto for a while before you try to get pregnant. It could make all the difference, and it really costs nothing more than your food bill to try it.


Good Luck, and keto on!  Hopefully you are the next to say “Keto got me pregnant!”


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