Keto Food at Hooters

Keto Food at Hooters

Ok, I know, Hooters is known for something completely different than keto. Fair enough.

But it has an interesting history.

I’ll bet you didn’t know it was founded partly as a whim. It was incorporated on April 1, 1983. That’s April fools day. There were six guys who started it. They did it almost as a joke, thinking there was no way it would ever make it.

Their first restaurant was built on a lot where a rundown, former night club had been bought cheap. It was such a bad location that many businesses had failed there previously.

In fact, they made a little graveyard in the front with a gravestone for each of the previous failed businesses that had died there.

To their great surprise, it actually worked. Today there are 425 locations in 44 states and many countries.

But our interest is the keto food at Hooters.

And they do actually deliver on that. Let’s check out what’s available, and what’s good.

Their wings are keto approved, with the right sauce as usual.

There are 5 sauces that are up to our standards. Meaning they are sugar free and no grains snuck into the recipe.

Buffalo Wild Wings has more sauces, but 5 good enough to eat there a few times without repeating.


Our Choice for best keto food at Hooters:


4 naked wings in mild wing sauce with extra celery sticks on the side., 4 naked wings in 3 mile wing sauce


Meats that are good keto food at Hooters:

Naked wings

Blackened mahi mahi (hold the seasoning)

Hamburger patty (hold the seasoning)

Alaskan snow crab legs(hold the seasoning)

Grilled chicken (hold the seasoning)

Oysters (hold the cocktail sauce)

Grilled blackened shrimp with

avocado and pico de gallo



911 wing sauce

3 mile wing sauce

Medium wing sauce

Mild wing sauce

Hot wing sauce






Veggies that are good keto food at Hooters:

Grilled onion

Grilled green bell peppers

Spring mix


Fresh onion

Chopped red peppers






Blue cheese dressing


To Drink:


Water or Unsweetened Tea


Whether you go for the wings or the inspiration, keto food at hooters is pretty darn good. And you never know, it might be the only place near when you need them…yes, that actually happened to me once.


So relax and Keto on!


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Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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