Keto Effects on Women's Bodies

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Keto Effects on Women's Bodies

Keto works a little differently in women than it does in men.

That shouldn’t be a big news story. Women’s bodies are quite different from men’s in so many ways.

The Keto diet affects the hormones. Why? Because when you change the way the body deals with fat, hormones are involved.

Did you know that vitamin D is actually a hormone, a fat,  and not really a vitamin?

That doesn’t have a lot to do with keto directly, but vitamin D is a fat! So you might want to know that fats aren’t just the extra fat you don’t like.

Dietary Fats are super important to the function of the body. Dietary fats are a part of your body, and you can’t exist without them.

The keto effects on women’s bodies needs to be taken into account.

A Quick Look

We’ll take a quick look at some of these problems, and how to deal with and conquer them.


  1. Weight Loss Stalls


Women have weight loss stalls more often than men on keto.

A stall in keto is when your weight loss progress may slow down or stop for a period of time.

But you can probably get past this problem by doing three simple things:


First… Increase your fat consumption. Sounds weird, but make sure you’re eating enough high-quality fats.

Olive oil. Avocados. Grass-fed beef. Pastured eggs with ghee or good butter.


Second… Add MCTs to your diet.

This will boost your Ketone production and kick-start your metabolism into high-gear.


And third… Do some form of intermittent fasting. Even if it’s only not eating between dinner and breakfast.

Intermittent fasting puts your body into ketosis in as few as 12 hours. It is amazingly effective. Try it.


Challenge #2 – Hormone imbalances


Keto is an endocrine-based diet. This means we rely on hormones to make it work.


If there’s a hormonal imbalance in your body, Keto will probably make it more noticeable.

No problem. Here’s some tips.


First… instead of some hollywood fantasy weight, aim for a happy body weight.

There’s a happy weight where you will feel better. And that it’s different from your ideal weight.


Women’s bodies are healthiest at around 22-29% body fat.

Getting  lower than that can cause or intensify existing hormonal trouble.


The second thing you can do is to sync up your eating with your cycles.

Increasing protein intake during your period can help mitigate hormonal imbalances.


Challenge #3 – Emotional eating


Women tend to show stronger emotions than men. If they ‘feel’ emotions more is up for debate.

Female hormones are definitely more powerful than men’s.

Sometimes, this has been known to lead to compulsive behavior like emotional eating.

The good news is that you can do something about it too.


First, keep comfort snacks around. Make some Keto-friendly ice cream, snacks or a Keto dessert like cheesecake.

Then if you have to ‘cheat’ a little, it won’t mess up your diet, which will make you more upset.

And last, face the emotional issues. Examine your emotions to figure out what is causing the emotional eating. Then work on it with love and compassion.


So there you go…Those are some keto effects on women’s bodies. 3 of the most common problems women face when doing Keto.

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Act! Don’t React!

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