Keto Eating During the Holidays

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Keto Eating During the Holidays

If you automatically think that Holidays and Keto Diet don’t go together, then you are starting out wrong.

Keto during the holidays is just like keto the rest of the year. It takes planning, and some discipline to pull it off.

The very first thing that will be helpful to you is this; No one else has any say over your body.

You must not allow yourself to feel ‘weird’ or out of step because your diet may not match everyone else.

Be very firm in your own mind what you have to do. Be happy for others that they are able to have plenty of whatever they like, but do not be influenced by social pressure.

The point of holiday gatherings is to be with and see friends and family. Eating is one of the activities that we all participate in. But it’s not the reason we are together.

Go into the festivities with the mindset that mingling and connecting is why you are there, then that can take the place of eating in your mind.


Know ahead of time which dishes are ok or not.


For keto eating during the holidays, knowing what you are getting into is key. A turkey leg might be theoretically OK, but have gravy filled with wheat and other carbs all over it.

Even the veggies can be laced with sauces and other keto UNfriendly ingredients. Check out various  dishes ahead of time online, but not after you arrive. We don’t want to be interrogating our host.

And get it through your mind that it’s OK to bring your own food. That’s true at holidays or anytime of year.

At the holidays, bringing your own dish is actually considerate. It doubles as a contribution to the meal.

You could bring mashed cauliflower, made as a substitute for mashed potatoes. You can bring broth based soup with leafy greens.

A big salad with keto friendly dressing is always welcome.

And of course, keto friendly desserts are always welcome.

Time To Pull Out the Big Guns


If push comes to shove, and everyone is overly concerned that you aren’t eating like them, try this idea.   Tell them you are working with your doctor and the diet is for specific health concerns.

This is always true. Eating healthy is either healing you, or preventing future health problems.

And this explanation is usually enough to remove social pressure. Of course, then they will want to know what’s wrong with you. But you can say it’s for high cholesterol, which it is. You don’t want them thinking you have some terminal disease.


What About Adult Beverages?


For alcohol, most clear liquors like whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and scotch have zero carbs. on their own,” Use soda water or plain water for mixers then add a garnish of lime,  lemon, or even a little sprig of rosemary for a keto friendly holiday cocktail.

To sum up keto eating during the holidays, plan ahead, be firm in your own dietary needs, and make interacting with others the center of the holiday season.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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