Keto Dieting for Beginners

Keto Dieting for Beginners

This is a topic that takes a little bit of information before you can decide.

First, how serious are you?

Are you going for fast weight loss?

Are you in this for health reasons, like blood sugar problems?

What about your age?   If you are younger, you can be more aggressive.  The slightly older among us might want to move slower into the diet.

If you go straight from a ‘normal’ diet into a full on, low carb version of keto, your body might have some problems.

Unless you are young and in pretty good shape, I don’t recommend the cold turkey version of starting keto.


I prefer people to go off of carbs gradually.


Gradually means over about a week.

If you are eating lots of carbs like bread and sugar, your body is pretty dependent on that, sort of like a drug.

In the gradual scenario, you should figure out how much carbs you eat now. Then reduce it by about 15 to 20 percent a day over a week.


So, for example, if you find that you eat 200 gr of carbs a day normally, you would eat 170 grams on day one, 140grams on day two,  110 grams on day three, 90 gr day four, 50 gr for a couple of days, 30 grams for a couple of days, then down to around 20 grams to start losing weight.

This way your body has time to adjust to the new system of fat burning.


Point number 2 on keto dieting for beginners.


Keto is not a fad. It is a serious change in the way your body does business.

You should not ping pong with this diet, meaning bounce back and forth between keto and regular diet.

The body takes time to adjust to burning fat instead of glycogen (sugar) for energy. Hormones have to adjust. You really don’t want to be bouncing your hormones around like a basketball.

The liver and pancreas have to adjust.  The  digestion has to make major changes to get used to everything.


This is your body. Take it seriously, or it could take you somewhere serious.

It’s great to lose weight. So good for you in so many ways. But do it responsibly.

Keto dieting for beginners is not only about what the diet is, but how to start it so that you will succeed.


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Act! Don’t React!


Have a Happy, Healthy Day





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