Keto at Longhorn Steakhouse

Keto at Longhorn Steakhouse


LongHorn Steakhouse got its start back in 1981. It has an interesting story.

George McKerrow, Jr. and his best friend Brian partnered up to try this idea.  McKerrow had managed other restaurants before.

The first location opened on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia. It had previously been an antique store, then turned into an adult entertainment business. Because of that, the walls were still painted black.  Some of the booths still had black partitions. The walls were covered with western decorations and steer heads. The menu featured steaks grilled in a butter sauce.

It was across the street from a popular hangout spot for two well known newspaper columnists, Ron Hudspeth and Lewis Grizzard. The two guys would go to Longhorn after drinks and got to know the owner.


One day, there was a sudden snow storm that totally shut down the roads and stranded thousands of people in the area. McKerrow offered $1 drinks and food specials to stranded motorists.


The columnist wrote about Mckerrow's kindness. The  restaurant, which had been struggling, then took off.  The rest is history.


Back to the Keto at Longhorn Steakhouse.


There are many meat options available. BUT, all of their seasoning blends and sauces contain sugar.


Make sure to ask that all dishes, including sides, be seasoned only with salt, pepper, garlic, or whatever. Just don’t let them use their premade stuff.


Best Meal Choice for Keto Dieters


Grilled salmon with broccoli on the side and topped with parmesan



Keto Friendly Meat Items


Steak all cuts except the flat

iron steak (Hold the seasoning)


Grilled salmon (hold the marinade)

Grilled shrimp – make sure no marinade or sauce.


The rest of the info on Keto at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Vegetables for Low Carb Diets


Asparagus (no seasoning)

Field greens

Broccoli (no seasoning)

Grilled mushrooms



Green peppers


Lemon wedges


Keto Friendly Cheeses


Parmesan cheese

Blue cheese

Swiss cheese

Cheddar cheese


Keto Compatible Sauces at Longhorn Steakhouse


Olive oil



Longhorn Steakhouse Low Carb Beverages



Unsweet tea


Next time you are out and would like a nice dinner that won’t break the bank, you can keep Keto at Longhorn Steakhouse without a thought.


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