Keto at Jimmy Johns

Keto at Jimmy Johns

These guys are everywhere. There are over 2800 locations around the U.S.

Jimmy Johns has a really good approach to low carb. They are quite aware of us and have done a lot to make their restaurant keto friendly.

Any sandwich can be made using a large leaf of lettuce wrap instead of bread. They call this their “unwich”.


However, you do have to know which meats are low carb friendly. 3 of the meat items on their menu have a problem, so be sure to order from the choices we list here.


A little fun history of Jimmy Johns. I like to talk about the beginnings of big companies to help you understand your own power. They start with determination, just like you. They keep going through adversity, just like you. Then good things happen, just like you and your keto diet.

It was started by  Jimmy John Liautaud. He graduated next to LAST in his class at Elgin Academy in 1982.  His father told him it’s either the military or start his own business.

His father loaned him some money and kept part ownership.  The first Jimmy Johns opened in a garage in Charleston, Illinois, in January of 1983. The rent was $200 a month!

All he had for equipment was a refrigerator, an oven, a chest style freezer, and a meat slicer. He was able to make a profit in his first year, in spite of the fact it was located in a garage.

With a lot of hustle and some creative marketing to the local college, he grew quickly into a large company, serving millions.


Anyway, back to how to keto at Jimmy Johns


The only bad news is that all their cheeses have sugar in them. It’s that secret ingredient that makes their sales so good.

Other websites don’t bother to check ingredients, so they don’t warn you about the cheese. Depend on us for in depth reporting.

Also, the company won’t say what is in their processed meat, so those are left out of this list.


Top Recommended meal for staying Keto at Jimmy Johns


Ham and salami unwich (that’s their sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun), with onion, sprouts, tomato, cucumber. Top it with oil and vinegar.


Meats for Low Carb Dieters




Roast beef




Cheese to Stay in Ketosis


Unfortunately, None of their cheese is made without sugar.


Vegetables to Stay Keto at Jimmy Johns





Avocado spread



Lettuce wrap




Sauces Low In Carbs


Jimmy mustard

Yellow mustard




Beverages That are Low Carb



Unsweet tea


Keeping Keto at Jimmy Johns has a few things to watch out for (cheese with sugar!). But stick with our list and you will be fine.


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