Keto at Buffalo Wild Wings

Keto at Buffalo Wild Wings

Today we are continuing our series on where to eat and what to eat when you are cruising around, away from the comforts of your home kitchen.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a big favorite for Keto people. They can be found almost anywhere.

They don’t dust their wings in flour, a trick so many use to make the food more filling for cheap.

Plus, they have 6 dry seasonings that are completely keto.  They have 5 sauces that meet our strict keto standards also.

Staying Ketosis compatible at Buffalo Wild Wings is amazingly simple.  So many choices.

The flavor scale gets broken so bad, you won’t miss the Bleu Cheese dressing.


Your Best Keto Dish Bet at Buffalo Wild Wings :


8 traditional bone in wings. Get ½” mild buffalo sauce, and ½” salt and vinegar seasoning. Ask for extra celery sticks on the side.

What else is good?

Keto Choice Meats at Buffalo Wild Wings:

Hamburger Patty

Traditional bone in chicken wings

Cheeses: Bleu cheese

American cheese

Cheddar cheese

Swiss Cheese


Low Carb Sauces & Seasonings at Buffalo Wild Wings

Salt and Vinegar seasoning dry rub

Desert heat seasoning

Chipotle Barbeque seasoning

Hot Buffalo sauce

Medium Buffalo sauce

Mild buffalo sauce

Lemon pepper seasoning dry rub

Parmesan garlic sauce

Spicy garlic sauce

Buffalo seasoning dry rub


Ketosis Friendly Veggies at Buffalo Wild Wings


Pico de Gallo



Celery Sticks





Keto Compatible Drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings: 

unsweetened tea or water.

As you can see, staying low carb at buffalo wild wings is a no brainer. There’s enough variety there to eat several times a week and never repeat.

Spice it up, and Keto on!

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Have a Happy, Healthy Day



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