Keto and Heart Health

You don’t go to an appliance repair when you want your car fixed. And even then, you might have to go to a specialist for your car, like if your transmission is messed up.

Going to a doctor that doesn’t know about keto is the same thing.  If you are going to ask a doctor, at least ask a dietary specialist.  Having a DR. after the name doesn’t mean they know anything at all about your area.

Doctors always send you to a specialist. Find a doctor that has some knowledge in your area.

Within some circles, there is still some controversy over the long term effects of the keto diet.

Virtually any reasonable diet is ok for a while. People go on diets without meaning to all the time. People get trapped in earthquakes or other disasters and go without food at all for days.


Once they start eating again they are fine.


Short term, over a few months, keto is the same food your ancestors might have eaten in a small tribe 4,000 years ago. Keto and heart health go way back.

If you want to be on keto for years then you might want to consult with a medical specialist. If you are starting with a serious health problem related to blood sugar or heart disease, then you might want to consult someone.


Or at least check in with them while you are dieting.


Neel Chokshi, MD, MBA, at Penn Medicine, had this interesting tidbit about getting into ketosis.

“What some people may not know is that sleeping, and not just the diet, can cause the body to go into ketosis, assuming it’s for eight hours and no food is consumed three to four hours before going to bed.

“I think that’s a more natural way of inducing ketosis, which is to go to bed slightly hungry and not full,” he says. “And then you wake up, and have the effects of ketosis, a decreased hunger drive. For most people, I encourage that.”

So here Dr. Chokshi is encouraging intermittent fasting. He feels that the body actually goes into ketosis every night if you don’t eat for around 12 hours total. He feels that this practice plus not overeating in general is a good way to go, and it is.

Keto Can Get You There

But if you want to lose weight fast, or bring your blood work into line, keto can get you there. Keto and heart health go together quite well.

If you want to be on keto for life, then you do want to look at your overall balance of macros. There is some evidence that long term denial of carbs is not healthy. If you have certain genetics, you really need a certain minimum level of carbs.

After you have lost the weight, then you can up the high quality carbs quite a bit and keep yourself in the healthy zone.

High quality oils will keep the heart zone in good shape.

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