Keto and Happiness

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Keto and Happiness

There is a very important, simple fact about life and happiness.

In life, first comes the work, then the benefits of that work come after.

In  weight loss, the happiness will come after the weight loss, not necessarily during.


You go through lots of changes during the keto diet.


You might feel weird or crappy during parts of it. You might have days or weeks where you feel really, really, good.

How you feel will change all the time, during the adjustment period.

But eventually you will reach the promised land. You will be far more happy in your body. You won’t be constantly ashamed or even unable to participate in life.

You won’t have to watch from the sidelines while your grandchildren play. You won’t have to stay home while friends and family go on outings.

Keto and happiness do go together, once you stick to it.

In these posts, we talk about the problems in keto because you don’t need help when things are going great. We are here to help you get through and get into ketosis.

But don’t get the idea it’s all problems.   The problems are short term. The work is short term. The benefits are long term and wonderful.


This is a longer view about the happiness that will follow.


What do you want from keto? You say it’s to lose weight but It’s not exactly losing weight, it’s what happens after that.

People who buy an electric drill don’t really need a drill, they need holes. They need the thing that the drill will accomplish.

The ultimate purpose of the keto diet isn’t weight loss, it’s the life you will have after you accomplish that.

For some, body image is tied to everything. If that is you, then I would suggest that you work on that problem at the same time. If you chase perfection in your body, you will never be at peace.

If you want health and happiness, then get to a healthy weight and be happy with who you are, as you were made. That’s the way keto and happiness go together.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day





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