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J Alexanders Keto Dishes

Alexander’s, also known as Stoney River in some places, is a nice mix of casual dining and fine dining.  They have a great physical environment. They create a very pleasant experience for the diner.

The company operates their restaurants  in a very decentralized environment. Each one of their  restaurants provides  separate and unique food and beverage offerings.

They are known for their wood fired cuisine. The menu in each restaurant includes a varied and rotating selection of features.

The restaurants have a full-service bar that includes an outstanding selection of wines both by the glass and bottle. Just brush up on your carb/alcohol facts before going there.

J Alexanders Keto dishes are easy to find on the menu.

However, you will find variations in their menu at different locations.  But that shouldn’t be a problem if you just apply a little common sense and low carb knowledge.

It’s slightly upscale, but not to the point of being unaffordable. It is a great place for a special occasion or business dinner.

They pay a lot of attention to detail in getting their food right.

All of their sauces and spice blends are made locally in the building. They use only the highest quality vegetables and meats.

People who have eaten there highly recommend them.


J Alexanders Keto menu recommendations.


Top recommendation:

For appetizer: Fire grilled artichoke.

Main dish: Half a Rotisserie Chicken with seasonal veggies on the side.


J Alexanders Meats for staying in ketosis

Slow roasted prime rib (no au jus)

Filet mignon


Sliced prime rib (no au jus)

Rotisserie chicken

Hamburger patty

Ahi tuna (no Toro sauce)

Grilled salmon




Tillamook cheddar cheese

Swiss cheese

Reggiano parmesan cheese

Bleu cheese

Feta cheese


J Alexanders keto Vegetables for Low Carb Diets


Field greens

Fire grilled artichokes with remoulade

or clarified butter

Roasted red peppers

Seasonal green vegetable





Kosher dill pickles

Sauces that are OK on your Keto Diet

Olive oil



Beverages For No Carb


Hot tea

Unsweet tea



Heavy cream


J Alexanders Keto menu items are plentiful and really high quality. Keto on!


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