Intermittent Fasting & Cancer.

OK, first our big fat disclaimer.

  1. Take medical advice only from your professional.
  2. This is in no way advocating for you to use fasting as the only treatment for cancer or any other health problem.

We are just discussing the facts, as they are known to current science. This is based on recent studies.

Here’s what they found.

Fasting has the potential to help kill cancer cells. It does that by helping the body to make it’s own self defense much stronger.

How?  It’s not like chemotherapy or anything. All it does is allow the body to become what it wants to be…balanced and self healing.

Fasting turns on certain genes that naturally fight certain cancers.  And it helps the body to turn off other genes that support cancer growth.

Why are we talking about cancer, when we are interested in Keto?

Because, for many people, intermittent fasting will be a big part of your success. The fact that I.F. also does other things for your health, just shows that it is not a weird, strange thing. But it’s actually a natural way the body uses to heal itself.

In the study that showed these promising results, the people fasted only from dawn til sunset, for only 30 days.  They didn’t do crazy things like drink only water for weeks. They simply skipped the daytime meals.

In fact, you don’t want to do anything crazy. It won’t help.  Especially if you have a disease, you need the nutrition, just not the calories. Think broth.

The bottom line is this.   The reason we get unhealthy, and that includes overweight, is because our bodies are not functioning correctly. You will actually stop eating when you have enough, if your body is working right and in balance.

Another roundabout connection of Intermittent Fasting & Cancer.

Fasting allows the cells of the body to rest.

It’s that simple.  When they get to rest and recuperate, they start to be able to do their job again.

Many of the genes, and hunter killer cells that  prevent cancer etc., are not able to function because so many things in the body are out of whack.  Fasting puts them into whack 😉

Last, fasting promotes autophagy, pronounced Awe-TAA-fuujy .  This is the body’s healing system that clears up damaged proteins in the mitochondria and the DNA. In other words, anti aging, and all the health benefits that come with that.

An back to the subject of Keto, it helps the body balance and lose weight naturally.

So if you are able to, put I.F. into your routine. However you can fit it in.  Mine is from 6 or 7 pm until around noon to one pm the next day. (although I do have bulletproof coffee around 10 am).  As you can see, it’s really almost like your normal eating routine, just stretched out a little bit.

You can do it. Intermittent Fasting & Cancer may have more of a connection than you may have known.

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