In Keto, Not Losing Weight


In Keto, Not Losing Weight. Yikes. Not fun.


There can be a number of reasons. Usually it’s something small.


Before you go further though, the question is are you really in ketosis or just think you are.


You can’t be assuming you are in ketosis because you have some of the symptoms. You must be sure by using a real test. And the strips are not a good test. The blood test is the only one you can actually trust for that.


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Back to your problem.


The biggest cause if this  problem is that you are eating too much fat.


Once you get into ketosis, there’s a tendency to become lax on your macros. You start letting the proportions slide a little maybe.


One of the most common culprits of being In keto, not losing weight?




They are very high in calories and fat. That is a great thing, if you eat them in proper proportions. But if you keep grabbing handfuls and snacking, it can add up to too much of a good thing.


Count your macros. Can’t say it enough.


Cream is another place you can overdo you fat if you are having a lot in your coffee.


Cheese is also high fat and easy to over snack on.


Be aware of add-ins to your food. Oils, Butter, Mayo, etc. Count your macros.


If you have been doing keto for a while, and find yourself stuck, then try leaving these things out for a little while to shake up your metabolism.


Change is usually good for the body. So shake things up once in a while in you diet and keep your body moving in the right direction.


If you are in keto, not losing weight, then you have to do something different. It just makes sense.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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