Ideal Body Weight and Keto

Keto is a way of life.

That is a statement you should be familiar with if you are learning from the right people.

People who tell you it’s OK to ‘cheat’ on keto, are setting you up for failure, and maybe health problems.

It takes the body a while, usually days or more,  to get into ketosis.

But only minutes to kick out. If you have a big piece of regular cake on the weekend and expect to stay in ketosis, you are in for a rude awakening.

Strict Keto

We practice what is called ‘strict keto’.

You get your macro nutrients into the right balance, and you keep them there. Then your body can get used to it and adjust accordingly.

After a while, you will hit a plateau. You HAVE to hit a plateau, or stall.

Why? Because if you didn’t, you would keep losing weight until you died!


So let’s be realistic about ideal body weight.


You are going to lose weight, until your body thinks you are at a good weight.

Will it be your ideal weight? Probably not, but that’s ok.

For women especially, you really shouldn’t lose too much weight. Your hormone system depends on having a certain amount of fat in the body.

The amount of fat your body wants is much more than a man’s. And that’s OK too. In case you hadn’t noticed, women are shaped differently than men. It’s part of the whole deal.

Here’s what I recommend.

Lose weight until you hit a stall. Let your body stay at that weight for a while until your internal clocks reset to the new weight.

After a couple of weeks or a month, do a 3 day fat fast, or do some intermittent fasting to break the stall.

Keep repeating this cycle until you get to your body’s ‘Happy Weight’.  That will be your ideal body weight for your particular body type, height, and so on.

Yours will be different from everyone else. You may not look like Twiggy the model, but that’s OK. You will be healthy and happy.


Women should have 20% to 28% body fat to be healthy. Your ideal body weight will take that into account.

You do NOT want to deny your hormone system what it needs to be happy. Then, neither you or anyone around you will be happy. Happy hormones, happy person.


Be steady on the keto lifestyle. That will lead to long term success and happiness.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day


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