How to Deal With Keto Headaches

How to Deal With Keto Headaches

Headaches are one of the ways the body talks to us. Many of us have lost the ability to listen.

If you are having headaches, something is off. Either in your diet or your health.

It might be something serious, or it might only be a slight adjustment in your diet that is needed.

Usually, it’s a simple fix to your diet.

Migraine headaches are very serious to the person having them. But you may not know that for people who are gluten intolerant, it’s as simple as taking grains out of the diet. Migraines either stop completely, or diminish by 98%.


And the last 2% can also be taken care of with other dietary changes.


Keto headaches are slightly different. They happen on the detox side of the equation, more at the beginning of the process. Knowing how to deal with keto headaches is something that you will need more at first.

While your body is going through the change to ketosis, it is changing the chemistry of the body.

The electrolyte balance is the first thing affected. Your body will dump water as a way to flush the system. Yes, you do store toxins in the cells. When the fat cells start being used for energy, they will dump the residue into the blood and lymph system to be taken out of the body.

It’s like if you lived by a stream and you take your garbage everyday and throw it into the stream. If millions of other people lived on that stream and they all started throwing garbage into the stream at the same time, the water would get backed up and smell bad.

But if there’s a huge rainstorm, the stream would have so much water flowing through, it would wash all the garbage away.


That’s kind of like what is happening inside.


The remedy?

Hydration, hydration, hydration. We need enough water flowing through our blood and lymph system so that whatever toxins our cells throw into the stream, they will carried away.

How to deal with keto headaches?  Drink lots of water.  I recommend either filtered or spring water if your local water has chlorine. Chlorine is not really one of the nutrients we are looking for.

Limit alcoholic beverages. They will dehydrate you after the initial liquid has passed. (Headache alert: Alcohol can give you headaches anytime. Why add to your problems?)


Eat more electrolyte rich foods.


Salt is one of the main electrolytes. Use salt. Salt your food.  You can even put a tiny sprinkle into your water glass….not enough to make seawater, just a few grains.

Try an electrolyte supplement. We recommend one that is completely keto and will not throw you out of ketosis.  You can see it at .

Try to add some more low carb, water rich foods, like leafy greens.

Last, intense exercise can drain you of liquids too fast. Headaches are a phase in Keto. It usually doesn’t last that long. If you have to lighten up on your exercise for a short period of time, that’s OK.

Learning how to deal with keto headaches is a little bit trial and error. You have to get to know your body and how it reacts. Listen to it. If it’s not right, then change something and see if it gets better.

You will get good at listening to your body and figuring out what will make it feel better. Hydration is one habit you need to keep, even after you get used to the keto diet.


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