How Much Weight Can I Lose In Keto?

This is a trick question of course.

If you lose all your weight you would disappear. So the question is really, how much weight can I lose in keto and still be healthy.

You can lose as much as you need to, generally speaking. But you have to take time into account.


Losing a lot of weight very quickly is generally not recommended.


It can be hard on your liver and other organs.

We store toxins in our cells. That stuff gets released as we lose fat.

The general idea with healthy weight loss, is to gradually and steadily lose the weight.

1 to 3 pounds per week is a good average to shoot for. And if you are really overweight, you will want to go faster than that for a while. And that’s OK if your weight is dangerously high to start with.


But real life rarely goes in a straight line.


You might have weeks you lose more, then you might stall for a week or two as your body rearranges itself.

This is where time comes in. Give yourself time to adjust. Bring your body along at a moderate, calm pace.  Crash dieting is rarely a good thing.  So take that into account when you ask how much weight can I lose in keto.

If you absolutely must do a crash diet for some reason, it probably won’t actually kill you if you are healthy otherwise.  But that doesn’t make for a healthy life.


“Crash” anything is not so healthy in general.


Sometimes when you get into the keto diet, the weight just starts falling away and there’s not much you can do about it.

If you get in a weight free fall, try eating more protein and possibly nuts. But be careful with nuts and their carb content.

I know, you are probably thinking “Weight freefall?!  What is this guy talking about, I came here because I can’t lose weight!”

I cover all kinds of topics related to keto. If this never happens to you, then great. Other posts will be more up your alley.

But back to how much weight can I lose in keto. You can lose all you need to, but just try not to go too fast. Slow and steady wins the race.

Your eating habits are much more likely to stick with you long term if they are calm and reasonable. Crash diets tend to lead to crash weight gain afterward. Not to mention pressure on your organs and processing of toxins.


So try to eat to live. Lose your 1 to 3  pounds per week and in a few months you will be cruising. Don’t forget time. Give yourself time.

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Have a Happy, Healthy Day



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