Exercise And Low Carb Diets

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Exercise And Low Carb Diets

OK, don’t get too worried about the title. This is not so much about exercise, as it is about ‘activity’.

Activity is going to be defined as physical activity. Doing things in the physical world.

Exercise is what we call when you specifically do things that aren’t part of normal activity.

So physical activity might include doing the dishes, doing the laundry. Or if you have a rural lifestyle, baling hay or cleaning the barn.


Both of these have one thing in common….your body moves.


If you are an exercise buff, then you are already doing this. But if you are not an exercise lover, then this concept is for you.

Keep moving. Or at least, move as much as possible.

Reach up and clean the light fixtures more often. Rearrange the pots in the kitchen.

You would be amazed at how much it helps your body to keep moving, even if the moves aren’t fancy. Exercise and low carb diets are made for each other.

If you sit at a desk, try to make a game of movement. Stand up and down from your chair a few times, not just once.

When you walk to another part of the building, do a couple of knee bends if you can. Lean on a wall and do ‘push ups’ against the wall.


Motion Has Value


Don’t underestimate the value of movement. Don’t think because it’s not ‘officially’ jumping jacks, or deep knee bends that it’s not helping.

The heart pumps all the time, even when you sleep. The body was designed to move at least part of the time.

Did you know that if you leave a car in the garage and never run it, it is bad for the car? Our bodies are the same.

So don’t let fear of ‘heavy’ exercise stop you from light activity because you don’t think it’s worthwhile.  Movement is life. Just move. Don’t be hung up on the form or shape of the motion.

If you can go for a walk, that’s great. If not, then when you walk through the house, bend your knees a little deeper as you walk.

All of this movement adds up to a body that works better. A body that works better loses weight better. When all systems work, you naturally move toward balance.


Balance includes healthy weight.  And that’s how exercise and low carb diets go together.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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