Drinks That Enhance Keto Fasting

Drinks that enhance keto fasting are things that not only keep you in a fasting state, but help your body with getting better results.

Intermittent fasting is one of the most effective ways to improve your health. It is a huge help to  lose weight, which may be your biggest goal. But it is also a massive help to balancing your blood chemicals, reducing cholesterol, and other major health benefits.

The question people have is “What can I drink without breaking the fast?”

There are many many things you can’t drink while fasting. Almost every kind of juice or soda, or anything from nuts, like Almond milk. You really have to know exactly which drinks work and which ones don’t.

We have covered that in other episodes. If in doubt, stick to unsweetened tea or coffee or water. You can look up our other episodes if you want more detail.


Some Drinks Actually Enhance Keto Fasting


But here we are going to talk about drinks that actually HELP your fasting be more effective.


Apple cider vinegar plus lemon juice.


This helps the body to oxidize fatty acids. It turns up the body’s ability to turn fat into energy. That is also known as fat burning.  It helps the proteins de-couple which means very fast energy production and creation of heat in the body.

It could also help slightly lower the chemical that makes you feel hungry.  Don’t drink the apple cider vinegar straight.Start with a teaspoon in a glass of water first, then work your way up.


Black Coffee.


When we talk about drinks that enhance keto fasting, Coffee comes to mind immediately.

Coffee stimulates the body to produce certain chemicals which speed up the burning of your own cells in the Liver (autophagy). This is a good thing, we don’t have time for all the science here. It also stimulates the increase in adrenaline, which calls the body to produce energy quickly. If you are fasting and there is no sugar in your blood, it will demand that the fat cells give up their energy….in other words, burn up for energy.

If coffee gives you the jitters, like me, try taking very small amounts. I only take about 2 to 3 ounces in my Bulletproof Coffee form.

The more sensitive you are to coffee, the less you have to drink. But you will still get the results.

Yes there are a couple of calories, but it will do far more to help weight loss than the measly couple of calories.

There are several more drinks that enhance keto fasting, but we will get to them next time.


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