Does Keto Help With Depression

Does Keto Help With Depression


Big medical disclaimer – This is not meant as medical advice. If you have severe depression, this keto way of eating may help you.  However, you should be under medical care in the meantime. I have no way of knowing your situation, so this is very general advice.


The simple answer is….it very well could.

But there are a couple of “buts”.  It depends on a whole bunch of variables.


First is your genetics, which I have no way of knowing.


I personally have issues with what I assume is mild depression. It is right in my genetics. I can see it on the graph of my brain genes.

Mine is 100% affected by what I eat. If I eat something wrong, I can go into sadness and depression really fast.

I can also come out within a day or so after I figure out what I ate wrong. It’s very definite and strong in me.

A large part of my problem is grains. The gluten, which is in all grains except rice and corn, goes straight to the genes of my mental pathways, and wreaks havoc. Keto doesn’t allow any grains.

If I eat anything with soy in it, I start to feel like I hate being in my skin. It is a very uncomfortable, strange feeling that sounds a lot like what people who resort to sex changes describe. It goes away as soon as I stop the soy.

You may or may not be so reactive to food as me. It may not be so obvious. You pretty much have to watch every single thing you eat, and experiment with leaving things out to see if it helps.


Another big “BUT” in the question ‘Does keto help with depression?”


When you first start keto, you can have some early keto blues as your body dumps toxins and changes to fat burning.

It’s a little bit of a catch 22. The keto might help in the long run, but you might go through an unpleasant patch to get there.


That’s completely normal and OK, as long as you are aware of it.


If you are sensitive to grains, keto should make you feel better in the long run just because you stop all grains in this diet.

So the answer to the question ‘does keto help with depression’ is a qualified “Yes”.  For certain people, it can be miraculous. For some it may help a lot. For some others, they may not notice any difference.

If you too have depression for no reason, it’s in your body chemistry. Keto is definitely worth a try. What have you got to lose but a few pounds?

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