Does Dirty Keto Work?

Does Dirty Keto Work?

First, what is dirty keto?

Dirty keto means you eat any food as long as it keeps your macro balance correct.

What do I mean by that?

You can get the finest steak cuts at your butcher’s for your protein needs. Or, you can simply order a McDonalds burger with no bun.

You could make a salad of the best organic leafy vegetables to get your carb quota. Or, you could eat some kind of chips until you reach your carb quota.

In other words, you have many different ways to reach your macro quotas. You can eat healthy, high quality foods and balance your macros.  Or, you could get to the same macros using fast food and processed food.


Why Does Anyone Care?


It’s a little bit concern for your health, and a little bit snobbish, to make a difference between the two. You should want to know does kirty keto work?

Most people fall somewhere in the middle.

Hardly anyone can eat perfect meals all the time if you have a life that takes you out of the house.  Occasionally, everyone has to eat a fast food meal.


I am concerned with the part about long term health.


Dirty keto still works for losing weight and all the other benefits of keto. The question is, long term, what are you going for.

If you want the best for your own health, then I recommend always going for the highest quality foods you can afford.  If your lifestyle and or budget require you to eat more cheaply, then so be it.

The western world is so rich, that what we call a low quality diet, people in other countries would love to have. So it is all a matter of degrees, and perspective.

Purposely losing weight is always healthier than being overweight, even if you use ‘dirty’ keto to get there. Your blood work will still be transformed for the better. Your chances for a longer healthier life increase by a lot.


Bottom line:


Do keto anyway you can. Does dirty keto work? Oh yeah. It works better on it’s worst day than a high carb diet on it’s best day.

Should you try to eat high quality foods?   Sure, of course. But put first things first.


Weight loss and health come first. However you get there is great. Don’t worry about what others say. Do what you can do, and what you will do.

After you lose the weight and stabilize the blood chemistry, then you can worry about food quality.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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