Humans used to live in a hunter-gatherer environment. Getting food was number one.

It is wired into us to find food when our body tells us we need it.

You know that craving that hits you at odd times, usually at night?  Your body is saying it wants something, but you can’t figure out what it is. You wander around the kitchen thinking “What would satisfy me now?”

That is a primal need. All the cells in your body are sending a signal to your brain. The signal is something like this: “We don’t have the nutrients we need, what can you send us?”

So we start grazing and sometimes stuffing. But that craving never goes away.

This is what makes us feel bad about ourselves. And it’s not even our fault!

The cells are still not getting what they want, so they keep demanding more food in the hope that the next thing into your mouth will have what they need.

The problem is, we keep putting the wrong things in. That’s where the Keto diet comes in. It puts things into your body that make your body feel RIGHT!  The cravings go away, or at least they go way down.

So here we are, on our Keto diet. But all around us in our home are foods that will send us back to the craving/eating cycle.

To help yourself lose weight and get into ketosis, you have to clear the area of all dangerous foods. Make your environment safe. Make it a Keto paradise!

If there are bags of chips on the shelf, you will eventually grab one.

If there are only Keto foods, you will have to really try hard to break your diet.

It’s one of the oldest techniques in the world. Remove temptation.

So follow these guidelines, and you will have a much smoother journey into ketosis.

  • Have keto-friendly food in your kitchen

When hunger strikes, your mind will play tricks. “Oh it’s just a little cheat, I’ll be fine” No, it won’t be fine.

And your body has powerful cravings. They are irrational and don’t know about your rules and goals.

Plan your meals before you need them.    If you don’t have a plan for success, you are planning to fail. It takes the mind out of the equation when hunger strikes.

Stick to the plan, stick to the plan. When you travel, stick to the plan. Have premade foods with you if you know you are going to be out.  Know which restaurants have meals you can grab in an emergency.  There are great tips Here, Here, and  Here for eating out.

Have Ready to Eat Snacks Available.   

           Have  things like Avocados, hard boiled eggs, pre made dishes and salads handy at all times. Make a day of the week cooking and prepping day so you don’t end up running out of good food and grabbing for the bad stuff.

Saturday or Sunday are the obvious days for people with weekday jobs and maybe kids. (Yes, kids can eat keto too, we have a plan for that) .

Some foods are keto, but still tempting to eat too much of, like baked goods. Make just enough of those for one serving. You can still overdo it with foods that are Keto Kosher.

  • Always measure and track     Adding small amounts of oil, nuts, cheese, etc. to each meal can add up to too much.  Keep on your eating plan with balanced macros.

Create your own Keto paradise, where everywhere you look there is nothing but support. That’s the way to a smooth, happy life.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day

Livtar (the Wise Old Keto Guy)



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