Can Keto Help Couples Conceive

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Can Keto Help Couples Conceive?

This is a real problem  for many couples. Especially when there is no apparent reason.

The doctor says “Everything looks normal”, but nothing happens.

This is not medical advice, so if you are dealing with this issue, consult your medical professional.

Having said that, dietary changes are something people do all the time without asking their doctors.


Jane (not her real name) had tried for a decade to get pregnant. She tried surgery, ovulation drugs and artificial insemination.


She finally tried the keto diet. She then had twins!


Women can have trouble getting pregnant, or carrying to term. Both can be heartbreaking.

Can keto help couples conceive?

I have advised women for years that if they have trouble getting pregnant they should immediately stop  grains. The gluten in grains can wreak havoc with the reproductive system if you have certain genes.

Since keto doesn’t allow any grains, it immediately removes gluten from your body.

It also helps the hormones get balanced because hormones are fat based. Keto provides the fats that the body can use for making the right hormones in the right amount.


Dr. Michael Fox of the Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine, in Florida says “ We recommend that couples try the low-carb, high-fat diet for at least two to three months before trying to conceive or before having egg retrieval for IVF. In our experience this diet produces the best quality eggs and sperm.”

Even women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can see amazing results using a low carb, high fat diet.

Egg and Sperm Quality Got Better

More interesting to me, the sperm quality of the men also rises after a few months of a keto diet.

“Rose” went for 90 days on keto before gathering her eggs. During her pregnancy she wasn’t able to keep keto because of nausea and cravings. But she went back on it after the birth and has stayed since.

Why?  Because many of her physical problems also disappeared along with the carbs in her diet. She and her husband feel better and function better on keto.

There is also a connection between women with higher body mass and problems with conceiving. Another problem that keto helps.

So if you want to know the answer to the question,  “can keto help couples conceive”, try it.

Yes, ask your doctor. But you might want to ask doctors who already know about this.

Delaware Institute for Reproductive Medicine, fertility expert Dr. Jeffrey Russell is one who knows.


Keto on.


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